Memorial Wall Engraving


Name to be displayed on sponsors wall

Your chosen name will be proudly placed on a wall commemorating HMS Ambuscade or PNS Tariq


Now that the deal has been signed for the return of HMS Ambuscade/PNS Tariq, to the UK, to become the world’s first joint cultural, naval warship exhibit, we need your support.

To meet the costs of returning the ship to the UK, we have been working for many months to secure the best deal from global lift ship operators. The cost of this operation will be circa £1.5m, just to bring her to the Clyde. To fund these costs and ongoing costs we have put together two main fundraising programmes to enable you the public and commercial partners to join in and support this campaign.

To reach this figure we are proposing three funding rounds:

Goal 1 – £550k- Secure lift ship date. Funds will secure a departure date for the ship leaving Pakistan for return to the UK. (This is in consultation with the lift operator and International Maritime Authority who look after security of shipping in the Red Sea area)

Goal 2- £550k- Payable to the lift ship operator the day before the lift ship transfer commences.

Goal 3- £550k- payable the day before the ship arrives on the River Clyde, some 45 days after leaving Karachi, Pakistan.

Memorial Wall – This is an opportunity for you to show your support for the campaign by adding your name to our memorial wall. This can also be a family name or that of a loved one that has passed or that of a former veteran of the UK Armed Forces. You may simply wish to commemorate the Royal Navy or all of the services that took part in the Falklands Campaign or be a supporter of Clydebuilt heritage.

The Wall shall be placed beside the ship after her arrival in the UK *  When you visit the venue, take pride in spotting your chosen name among fellow supporters, with the ship sitting proudly nearby.

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Gift Aid

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– Enter your desired name to appear on the wall of HMS Ambuscade/PNS Tariq

– Please make sure you specify the name required and please double-check spelling. What we receive will be the name placed on the legacy wall.

– Choose your preferred wall to display your name, areas will be assigned for HMS Ambuscade and PNS Tariq. Chosen names will be thoughtfully displayed in  list format echoing the display above.

– Select whether you would like the Name to be for yourself, a gift for someone else or In Memoriam.

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  • Additional information-

We deeply appreciate the generous contributions made by you to have your chosen name placed on our memorial wall. While the physical wall is set to commence during the construction phase of the site, we are committed to honouring your donation by displaying the names prominently on our website. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful tribute. Names will be displayed on our website from Late March and continue to be displayed until the wall is erected.