Would you like to remember us with a legacy in your will?

After providing for your loved ones, you may have considered a donation to a favourite cause or charity. Many people do this because they have an affinity to a particular charity or cause and wish to help the charity grow. There is no restriction on the amounts someone can leave, this is entirely a personal choice for the individual alone.

Most gifts to registered charities are exempt of inheritance tax. As a registered charity Clyde Naval Heritage (HMS Ambuscade/PNS Tariq) SCIO, Reg.No SC052802 would fall into this category.

You are of course under no obligation to leave Clyde Naval Heritage (HMS Ambuscade/PNS Tariq) a gift in your will.

By naming Clyde Naval Heritage (HMS Ambuscade/PNS Tariq) as a beneficiary in your will you will help preserve Clyde built ships such as HMS Ambuscade/PNS Tariq and future vessels and enable the impactful story of Clyde shipbuilding to be preserved for future generations.

You may wish Clyde Naval Heritage (HMS Ambuscade/PNS Tariq) to use the gift for a particular purpose, if so, you should include instructions in your will.

Making a will may be straightforward however most people should seek professional help to make sure that the instructions in the will are clear and unambiguous.