Thank you to the Falkland Islands Government

🌟 Exciting News Alert! 🌟 We’re thrilled to share that the Falkland Islands Government has penned a heartfelt letter of support for the Clyde Naval Heritage Project πŸ’Œβš“οΈ This gesture underscores the strong bonds of history and camaraderie between the Falkland Islands and Scotland. The Clyde Naval Heritage Museum will be a place to preserve […]

UK Defence Journal launches press release on Clyde Naval Heritage

Written by Lisa West, today, 29/03/2024 the UK Defence journal released an article about the return of HMS Ambuscade to the Clyde. George Allison, Editor of the UK Defence Journal, expressed enthusiasm for the project: β€œThe endeavour to bring HMS Ambuscade back to the Clyde is a testament to the enduring spirit of maritime heritage […]