Welcome to our "A New Beginning" Initiative

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our “A New Beginning” initiative! With the signing of the agreement for the return of HMS Ambuscade/PNS Tariq to the UK, your support is crucial.

Our goal is to bring back the sole surviving Amazon class, Type 21 frigate to the United Kingdom. Although in good condition she will undergo minimal restoration and be repurposed into a unique venue for public exhibition, educational programs, cultural events, and community engagements. Your generous contributions will play a pivotal role in realising this vision.


Over the past several months, we’ve been diligently working to secure the best deal from global lift ship operators to cover the costs of bringing the ship back to the UK. The estimated cost for this operation is approximately £1.5 million for the journey from Karachi to the Clyde. In order to meet this initial cost as well as ongoing expenses, we have devised two primary fundraising programs, inviting both public and commercial partners to join us in supporting this campaign.

For a £25 donation you will be recognised with a name placed on our Wall Of Honour. 


Memorial Wall: Honouring Your Legacy

Join us in commemorating our maritime history by leaving a lasting mark on our memorial wall. Whether it’s your own name, that of a cherished loved one, or a dear friend, each contribution plays a vital role.

What to Expect:

  • During the developmental phase of our visitor venue, we will construct a physical memorial wall.
  • All donor names will be thoughtfully displayed in a dignified list format, echoing the representation you see here.
  • Your generosity ensures that this unique aspect of our heritage endures for generations to come.

Your Impact:

  • By adding your name, you become part of a community of supporters who share a passion for preserving our maritime legacy.
  • When you visit the venue, take pride in spotting your chosen name among fellow contributors.
  • The ship tied up nearby, symbolises the strength of our collective commitment.

To mark the significance of HMS Ambuscade/ PNS Tariq returning to the UK

we are offering you the opportunity to have your name engraved on our Wall Of Honour

giving you a permanent connection to this unique ship. 


HMS Ambuscade
PNS Tariq - 2015- Bahrain

Name to be displayed on Memorial Wall

Gift Aid 

If you are a UK taxpayer then, at no cost to you, we can reclaim 25% of all your donations. For every donation of £25 you you generously donate to the charity , it can become £31.25.

By completing the drop-down boxes below you allow us to claim Gift Aid from HMRC on all eligible donations within your order. If you are ineligible please select No in the drop-down box.

Gift Aid is a Government scheme that allows UK Tax payers to make an allowance against their tax payments towards charitable giving. If you pay tax on earnings or savings to the UK Government, you can award Gift Aid. It costs you nothing and we do all the paperwork. Please read our policy for more information.

Terms and Conditions

How this works:

  • Enter your desired name to appear on the Wall Of Honour.
  • Select whether you would like the name to be for yourself, a gift for someone else or In Memoria.
  • Click on “Add to basket” to add your chosen name to your basket. 
  • You can either add more names in the same way or click on “Checkout” on the pop up that will appear on the right.
  • Enter your billing details .
  • Let us know if we can claim GIFT AID on the order page. Choosing this option adds 25p for every £1 donated at no cost to you.
  • Enter your payment details. We accept all major cards, Paypal. 
  • Click on “Place Order” to finalise your donation.
  • A name will be honoured for every £25 donated. 

Additional information- 

We deeply appreciate the generous contributions made by individuals to have their names placed on our memorial wall. While the physical wall is set to commence during the construction phase of the site, we are committed to honouring their memory by displaying their names prominently on our website. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful tribute. Names will be displayed from Late March and continue to be displayed until the wall is erected.


With thanks to the HMS Ambuscade Association for their co-operation and Capt John Lippiett  for the information provided in his book Modern Combat Ships 5, Type 21.