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Thank you for your generous decision to support Clyde Naval Heritage.

Your donation plays a crucial role in safeguarding our rich shipbuilding legacy. Together, we can preserve, maintain, and promote the invaluable heritage of Clyde Shipbuilding. Your contribution will make a tangible difference in ensuring that this vital part of our history remains accessible  for generations to come.

Negotiations over many months with global lift ship operators has secured the most favourable terms for bringing the ship back to the UK. The estimated cost for this operation is circa £1.5 million, covering the transit to the Clyde alone.

To help finance both the initial return and ongoing expenses, we’ve devised two primary fundraising initiatives, inviting both the public and commercial partners to contribute to this historic endeavour. Our fundraising strategy involves three distinct funding rounds

Goal 1 – £550k: This secures a departure date for the ship’s journey from Pakistan back to the UK. This step will be taken in consultation with the lift operator and the International Maritime Authority, ensuring the safety and security of the vessel during its transit through the Red Sea area.

Goal 2 – £550k: These funds will be payable to the lift ship operator on the day preceding the commencement of the ship’s transfer.

Goal 3 – £550k: This sum will be due on the day prior to the ship’s anticipated arrival on the River Clyde, approximately 45 days following its departure from Karachi, Pakistan. Join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey.